Strolling Fushimi Inari &
Ramen Making Experience

Explore the historic Fushimi Inari and Making Ramen for 3 hours Discover the history of Inari and meaning of Torii (Gate) Experience the practice of #fortune telling and #omokaru stone lifeting Hands-on Ramen Making experience from scratch at Ramen Factory
¥ 14000 /person
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Virtual Tour with Wei

¥ 14000 /person
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Meet Wei - Your Guide

Wei whose father owns a small restaurant in her hometown finished her study as a bachelor of arts in countries' culture and is certified as an international tour guide by Japanese Government.

What's included?

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question!

Fushimi Inari History & Torii Gate

Wei will guide you through the history of Fushimi Inari and the distinct feature of the Torii while strolling

Fortune Telling & Omokaru

Japanese shrines are popular for lucky and fortune telling. Why don't yourself experience once in the spiritual place in Japan.

Fushimi Inari: 1.5 hours

You and Wei will be in Fushimi Inari for 1.5 hours. It is adaquate to explore most of it. And it's time for Ramen Making.

Make Ramen Noodles

From flour, instructed by our guide and book guide, you will go through the process of dough making, cutting, slicing, boiling and draining.

Three types of homemade sauces

Miso, Shoyu (Soy) and Salt Sauce together with Fish and Chicken broth for you to select and mix.

Roasting the chicken

Is it interesting to prepare your chashu from the fresh chick thigh? Let's roll it your way.


Check out the journey
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Vegan, Muslims, Wheat-allergy

With the purpose of spreading the Ramen culture, Ramen Factory welcomes and customizes the courses according to your request. Please kindly advise us in advance.


Ramen Factory is certified as Halal restaurant by the Kyoto Muslims Councils. Therefore, if you are a Muslims, you are totally able to enjoy this course.

Tips for Food Tour

It is recommended to wear casual or sporty clothes because we need to walk around Fushimi Inari for a while and gonna have fun making noodles from flour

Reservation is required

For this Food Tour, we only accept reservation in advance. Please make sure you have completed the booking and payment at least 1 day before the tour is carried out.